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Julien A O'Meara
The artist's creations speak volumes about him; a collection of Armand O'Meara's work is presented within the gallery on this site.
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Armand O'Meara has been invoking his vivid imagination to make manifest works of wonder and art throughout his entire lifetime. He has a reputation for being able to take just about any medium and creating something which could quite dazzle the observer, whether it's a lump of clay, plate of mashed potatoes, fogged up window, or pristine sheet of paper. It's quite rare to find him sitting idly rather than actively creating.

Doodling and tinkering from his surroundings and imagination, fueled by prolific reading and exploring, his artwork progressed from school binders to archival quality canvas, and his talent has steadily and consistently been pushing his skill further and further.

The first 'convention' was Baycon '86 where he was taken in by a group of friendly wolf riders, and given an opportunity to sell rough photocopies of his work. From this simple beginning, he went on to regularly attending Baycon when in California, participating in its artists colony and art show, often having pieces sold through auction. The entire artists' colony would need to be dead in order for his table to be slow.

A brief stint in Oregon brought new experience, and a new opportunity to sell artwork through commission at local shops, and Orycon '88, where he won awards for his submissions into the art show.

A return to California brought more free-lance work with commissioned paintings and sketches, continued attendance at Baycon, and work at the Central Coast Renaissance Festival with Gryffon & Dragon, and then later, with Gryffon, Dragon & Wolf. Work at the festival consisted of selling originals, prints, and doing portraiture for patrons sitting for him at the faire.

Adding Silicon to the list of regular shows, he has been attending for the last five years, with a few miscellaneous gaming shows and Anime shows mixed in. He has done work for various publications, covers for gaming magazines as well as interior illustrations. He has been busy assisting in web and graphic design, also working in advertising and marketing.

To this day, he is busy with commissioned paintings and illustrations, and he still owes my mom a painting of Monterey cypress overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Cindy Furry
November 20, 1997